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      Suzhou Ship Biological Technology Co., LTD. Was founded in March,2010, which had the registered capital of 16 million yuan. The company is located in the Kunshan state-level high-tech zone, and located in the beautiful bank of the lake. The company is one of the first enterprises by the new medical instrument GMP examination domestically and obtained authorization to make 6846 human implant of the medical device. The company is one of the kunshan small nucleic acid members of the alliance unit, which belongs to the national major scientific and technological project.

At the same time our company is also the core of Chinese medical instrument association member unit. Our company is mainly engaged in three kinds of 6846 implantation absorbed biological bone medical instrument used in surgery and type 6825 surgical high frequency equipment development, production, sales. The company has the right of autonomy in operation of import and export, and has independent intellectual property rights, including 12 patents in biological absorbed medical equipment production technology. The y leading products in our company are miniature cranial and maxillofacial biological absorbed bone plate, bone screw and other products, 2 kinds of disposable drip bipolar electric coagulation forceps, disposable surgery electrode and other products.

       The company's research and development team consisted both of surgery experts and engineering technical experts. We have developed association with Shanghai Oriental brain science research institute, China medical equipment association branch of human body implants. Since the establishment of the company, we have got science and technology department's support in the provinces and cities government. And the company has been the local government key industry project, which won the 2010 "Jiangsu province enterprise doctor clustered plan ", "the Jiangsu province private science and technology enterprises", "kunshan high-tech zone industrial demonstrative unit" and other dozens of honors. Science and technology lead the life. Innovation changes everything. We walk in the hope of the avenue and we will write a new movement for human health in the world.

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