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We believe that we first to doctors, nurses and patients.
To parents and all use our products and accept our service are responsible for.
In order to meet their needs, all we do must be of high quality.
We must constantly work to reduce costs, to maintain a reasonable price.
Customer order must be quickly and accurately supply.
Our suppliers and distributors should have the opportunity to obtain reasonable profit.
We want to all over the world and together we work with colleagues responsible for men and women.

Each staff should be regarded as independent individuals.
We must maintain their dignity, appreciate their advantages.
To make of their work have a sense of security.
Compensation must be fair and reasonable.
Work environment must be clean, tidy and safety.
We must try to help employees to them the responsibility of the family.
Must let the staff put forward Suggestions and grievances speak freely.
For qualified people must give equal employment, the development and the chance of advancement.
We must have qualified management personnel,
Their behavior must be fair and ethical.

We want to we have the life and work of the society, to the whole world is responsible for.
We must be prepared to citizens - support useful to the society activities and charity,
Pay our taxes payable.
We must encourage the progress, health promotion and education career.
We must be good maintenance we have used the property,
The protection of the environment and natural resources.

Finally, we want to all the shareholders is responsible for.
Enterprise management must obtain reliable and profits.
We must try to new ideas.
Must adhere to the research work, the development innovation project,
The price of the responsibility of the mistakes and correct them.
Must purchase new equipment, provide new facilities, the introduction of new products.
Must set up reserve, for a rainy day.
If we are in accordance with the principle of management,
The shareholders can gain reasonable rewards.

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