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Talent development and management strategy
Suzhou Ship-biological technology co., Ltd with the latest knowledge and technology always pay more attention to training the company's corporate culture, improving the overall level of the team, through the staff training to achieve competitive advantage and core competence. Responsibility for employees is our creed of one of the four major responsibilities. Therefore, Talent development and management strategy and resource management system of Suzhou Ship-biological technology co., Ltd, is built on this basis, and constantly updated and been perfect.

Suzhou Ship-biological technology co., Ltd .To the staff sincere commitment:
1. Discover the best talents,
2. Give reasonable salary,
3. To provide the best training and development opportunities;
4. To create the best enterprise environment.

Training and development
Suzhou Ship-biological technology co., Ltd. Will provide abundant training opportunities

The learning culture is an important part of culture in our company, which not only make sure that we can attract and train the best people in the industry, but also for the development of enterprises to provide a flow of smart power.
For years, our team has been training in the efforts to design and make it perfect for personal development training system, and strives to select the junior staff to senior managers. In different stage of career talents can find their own suitable training courses.
In our company, each new employee will be arranged to participate in about company's cultural orientation training. In addition, employees are given to relevant education according to the company's personnel training plan, personal interests, work needs, manager opinion in the corresponding training courses every year.

Career development
Career management: Took the first task starts business of your career in Suzhou Ship-biological technology co., Ltd.
Learning and development: The company is committed to provide high quality training and professional development.
Network of professional BBS: In the BBS, you can share span business, all kinds of interdisciplinary knowledge, find your own teacher, and establish a friendship.
Develop leadership and career development factors:
1. Employ excellent talents,
2. To build creed oriented enterprise culture;
3. Culture sharing organization value;
4. For employees to create the exceeding self opportunity:
· challenging task;
· higher requirements of the job opportunities;
· more opportunities to show themselves, a greater sense of responsibility;
· help career development training;
· justice frank feedback;
5. Continuity assessment of performance and promote space;
6. Best performance award;
7. Standard system and procedures.

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